Why You Need a Cannabis Consulting Agency

From planning and executing marketing strategies to steering the direction of a company and accelerating growth, consultants can provide expertise to help cannabis companies achieve their goals.

Hiring a consultant is a difficult decision to make, but it could be the last piece to give your company a creative and strategic advantage.

1. Industry experience and acumen.

When you work with an agency with experience in the cannabis industry, you cut down on ramp-up time that it takes to get up to speed on the nuances of the industry.

It is essential to know the in’s and outs of advertising restrictions, local and national laws, industry consumers, and campaign strategies.

Failing to recognize and thoroughly understand these unique factors has repercussions, both legal and in terms of marketing and business decisions.

2. You’ll save a ton of time.

As a business owner, budgeting your time wisely is absolutely critical to growth. Outsourcing things like social media management, SEO, email marketing, and design work can free up your time to focus on business development.

Hiring an in-house team will cost you just as much time, as new employees require an immense amount of training. The monetary cost of this training is also expensive, and there is no guarantee that you’ll maintain a low turnover rate when you’re just starting out.

3. You’ll have a team backing you up.

An agency partner should not just be doing busy work for you. They should have their hands in the clay of the business, helping to mold your strategy and identify opportunities.

Finding the right agency to partner with will provide you with like-minded experts who have a creative approach and the drive to grow a company.

Partner with us.

When you work with us, you’re getting more than just technical ability and campaign management. We pride ourselves in always being available to you.

We’re damn good at what we do, and we’ve been doing it for ten years. Hit us up if you’re ready to learn more about our services and how a partnership with Smokin’ Hot can help you grow.

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