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Smokin’ Hot Solutions was started ten years ago in Philadelphia with one cohesive goal; to build a cannabis marketing agency with an innovative and thoughtful approach. Since then, we have cemented ourselves as the go-to agency for digital marketing in the cannabis industry. At a time when there were few specialty cannabis marketing agencies, and few people willing to take the risk, we seized the opportunity. 

When working with a marketing agency, there will be something we call ‘ramp up’ time. You waste precious time explaining the ins and outs of the cannabis industry to an agency that doesn’t know how to work in it. With us, you skip all of that. You can rest easy knowing that we will take you in the right direction – our track record and experience speaks for itself. We were the first to do influencer campaigns, the first to do social DM’s, and are on the bleeding edge of all things cannabis marketing. This is why when companies work with us, they stay with us. We innovate and dominate. Join us today, and experience tremendous growth with the Smokin’ Hot approach.

We’re not only a marijuana marketing agency! We work with companies in all of the following ancillary industries: CBD, headshops, vaporizers, glass, kratom, tobacco products, dispensaries, manufacturers, and more.

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