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Smokin’ Hot Solutions was started seven years ago by three entrepreneurs from Philadelphia. From various entrepreneurial backgrounds and ages, they came together with one cohesive goal; to build a cannabis marketing agency with an innovative and thoughtful approach. At a time when there were few specialty cannabis marketing agencies, and few people willing to take the risk, we seized the opportunity. We cemented ourselves as the go-to agency for digital marketing in the cannabis industry.

When working with a marketing agency, there will be something we call ‘ramp up’ time. You waste precious time explaining the ins and outs of the cannabis industry to an agency that doesn’t know how to work in it. With us, you skip all of that. You can rest easy knowing that we will take you in the right direction – our track record and experience speaks for itself. We were the first to do influencer campaigns, the first to do social DM’s, and are on the bleeding edge of all things cannabis marketing. This is why when companies work with us, they stay with us. We innovate and dominate. Join us today, and experience tremendous growth with the Smokin’ Hot approach.

We’re not only a marijuana marketing agency! We work with companies in all of the following ancillary industries: Vaporizers, E-juice, Headshops, Glass, Kratom, Tobacco products, Dispensaries, and more.

Cannabis Marketing Solutions To Grow Your Business

Take your Cannabusiness from start-up to industry leader. The time is now!

Search Engine Optimization

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines still make it difficult to run traditional pay-per-click campaigns in the cannabis industry. Running a comprehensive SEO campaign that involves on-page optimization, content creation, and link building is essential for companies in the cannabis, vape, and headshop industries.

PR & Outreach

Get your brand out via the press! We work with the top publications, bloggers, and influencers in the cannabis and vape industry. PR is a great way to reach both consumers and businesses.

Instagram Management

Are you lacking a presence on Instagram? Instagram is the best social channel for our industry, and we have the strategies to monetize it! You want your social presence to be generating leads automatically! Click get started for more information on our social media marketing packages.

Local Listing Strategy

If you want to increase the exposure around your headshop or local service business, local listing optimization is a necessity to reach and engage your local audience.

Influencer Campaigns

The days of interruptive ads have passed. People want to see real people using and enjoying your products. This we understand better than anyone else, which is why we run successful influencer marketing campaigns for our clients. We have established great relationships with many social influencers.

Website Design

We build beautiful and mobile optimized websites for the cannabis and vape industry. Your product or service is beautiful, why shouldn’t your website be? Stand out from the rest!

A Few Brands We've Worked With

Brands We've Worked With

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PR & Influencer Case Study
Instagram Case Study
SEO Case Study – Entry Level Plan

Cannabis Industry FAQ

How long before I can expect to see results?

This varies and depends on the scope of the project. We can complete your new website in a month or two, sometimes even shorter! Social media, influencer campaigns, and SEO are ongoing projects that produce results for years with results starting as early as month one. Social media and SEO have what we call an avalanche effect, results come in much quicker as time goes on.

What makes Smokin’ Hot different?

Having been in the cannabis marketing space for over 8 years, our experience speaks for itself. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have developed marketing formulas which cut down on the research time before implementing a strategy. Our relationships with social influencers are unmatched by any other company in our industry. Shouldn’t you trust your industry marketing to a company that lives for cannabis marketing and the industry as a whole?

Can I run paid advertisements in this industry?

Yes and no. We have logged an abundance of hours researching this very topic, and the answer remains a little murky. There are ways to utilize paid ads to your benefit, but they are very limited via Facebook, Adwords, and Instagram. This is why a creative and out-of-the-box digital marketing is even more important for the cannabis and vape industry.

Is my website performing at it’s best?

Most likely not, but that is to be expected because most aren’t. There are extensive tests that we run to test your page speed load times, mobile optimization, metadata, keywords and much more. If you aren’t getting the traffic you expect, this could be a big reason why. We have built websites for many clients, which we then ran SEO campaigns on. Both are important in establishing your online branding identity, but the website always comes first. Trust us to build you the site you’ve always dreamed of.

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